The UNIPOWER, 95 cm high, weighing 500 kg and designed by a car racing enthusiast, was planned right from the start as a racing car. In their catalogues, UNIPOWER advertised sale by order of competition cars, the Special light-weight competition series. This group comprised 20 cars out of a total of only 75 cars ever built.

        The 20 rare Special light-weight competition cars were prepared in a different way by the UNIPOWER GT people responsible for planning and building them and by the racing driver “adventurers” in several parts of the world who ordered the UNIPOWER competition prototypes.

        UNIPOWER competition cars were used in speed races, mountain and slalom events, rallies and even in the World Manufacturers’ Championship.

Piers Weld Forrester - Le Mans 1969

Piers Weld-Forrester - Dominique Martin - Mugelo 1969

Gerry Hulford

Brian Harvey

John Miles

Rafael Barrios - Jarama 1968

John Blanckley

ex-Janspeed Unipower

Pete Harrison/Bob Barrell - Watkins Glen 1969