This UNIPOWER GT was registered under the number RR-28-52 on 18 April 1968. It is one of the rare 20 competition/customer UNIPOWER cars – Special light-weight competition – equipped with chassis, suspension and 1275cc Cooper S engine, prepared by Downton Engineering Ltd.

        # 36837 was the 37th UNIPOWER to be built and is one of the very rare 1275cc cars in the world which was fitted with left-hand steering.  

    This car was to have an interesting sporting life in Portugal. It was first driven by Mané Nogueira Pinto, but saw most sporting action at the hands of Adalberto Medeiros, who drove it between 1969 and 1970.

    During this period, the car showed off its beauty and performance at several events, including those at Vila do Conde, Monsanto and Granja do Marquês.